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Texas is Turning to Kratom

Texans are known for being hard-working individuals who believe in being independent, self-sufficient and practical in their approach to living successfully. Trying to unwind after the day is over can be difficult, especially if that day involved too many stressful moments and unproductive hours. Fortunately, many Texas residents are discovering the healthy pleasures of an all-natural supplement that can relax, refresh and calm the body and mind after a chaotic and taxing work day.

For hundreds of years, people living in southeast Asia and Thailand have been consuming Kratom leaves as a way to alleviate the depression, fatigue and aches and pains caused by enduring long periods of stress. Compounds called alkaloids found in the biochemical structure of Kratom are able to safely adjust neurotransmitter levels in the brain that affect the way you feel, both mentally and physically. Specifically, it is the amounts of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins that Kratom regulates without producing the side effects commonly caused by prescription antidepressants designed to enhance mood and relieve anxiety. In addition, once Kratom starts to decrease stress, blood pressure and heart rate is also reduced, which benefits the cardiovascular physiology of individuals suffering from hypertension.

When taken at certain dosages, Kratom provides a pleasantly euphoric, relaxed feeling that lasts around six to eight hours. Non-habit forming and completely safe to use, Kratom also promotes analgesic affects that effectively reduce the pain of migraines, stiff muscles and general body aches associated with stress. An analgesic compound found in Kratom called Mitragynine adheres to brain receptors that are responsible for pain sensations. By attaching to these opoid receptors, Mitragynine essentially anesthetizes them much like a dentist introduces Novocaine into the gums prior to filling a cavity to reduce pain. In this way, Kratom not only relaxes you but can also diminish stress-induced aches and pains.

The popularity of Kratom in capsule supplement form has been rapidly growing in Texas as well as the rest of the world. Conveniently providing specific amounts of dried Kratom leaves necessary for relaxation and calming purposes, capsules come in different potency levels to accommodate individual needs. People indigenous to southeast Asia normally chew Kratom or crush it into a fine powder to make tea but taking Kratom capsules as part of a health supplement regimen is the most favored method for Texans to relax and enjoy its many health benefits.

Pain Pill Addiction

History and Tradition of Kratom

Prescription drug abuse ruins lives

The social and emotional consequence of prescription drug abuse can be just as damaging as the physical ones. Many people become addicted to pain pills when they take a prescribed drug for a valid health problem. But pain killing drugs are very strong and you can quickly become addicted. Others may have become addicted when they were encouraged by others to try the drugs or as a means of stress relieve. Young adults are most at risk because they are very susceptible to pressure from others.

No one tries  to become addicted to drugs. Drug abuse can destroy families. It can break up friendships and relationships. It can ruin careers. People with addiction problems face divorce, loss of job, financial problems and even a drastically increased rate of homelessness. Long-term health risks associated with prescription drug abuse include high blood pressure, brain damage and liver and kidney disease.


People want -- and need -- help

Clearly, prescription drug abuse is a growing and dangerous health threat. In fact, more people die every year from overdosing on prescription pain killers than die from the abuse of cocaine and heroin combined. But it is also true that no one deliberately chooses to be a drug addict, and most people who realize they have a problem are desperate for help to overcome it.

Because of the high need, rehabilitation centers have sprung up all over Texas. Treatment options include in-patient and out-patient programs, some run by doctors, hospitals or clinics. Others are run by non-profit organizations. Still others are simply casually formed self-help groups. Most people need this outside help. Simply going "cold turkey" can be difficult, and even dangerous, because of the severe physical symptoms that can come from pain pill withdrawal.  Kratom seems to be a good alternative and a natural one.


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